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Ho Chi Minh renowned distribution system

Visiting, you may very easily search for goods and devices specialized in design together with the most prestigious companies today including Wagner (Germany), Graco (United states of america) ....

The program of products is the most diversified and rich, which may be talked about: fireproof color sprayer, painting sprayer, wall plaster sprayer, essential oil paint sprayer, water-proof sprayer ....

In addition, also distributes pneumatic equipment and resources for that hardwood market such as fresh paint stirrers, membrane layer pumping systems, color mixers, sanding models ... with respected manufacturers for example: , Prona.Yunica and Prona , Prima, Meiji ...

Check out our products at!

Exactly why do buyers rely on our solutions?

Good quality merchandise

All items traded by are 100% legitimate goods, full of brands and item guarantee. affirms no to floating and low quality merchandise.

Commitment to refund 200% if the product is fake, fake.

You are totally tested and tested on new items.


Aggressive selling price

Besides, quality, price is always a very concerned factor.

With the knowledge that mindset, generally commits that items are provided with probably the most huge discounts in the market.

You are able to make reference to the prices of items: flames retardant painting sprayer, color sprayer, plaster sprayer, essential oil painting sprayer ... .. or all other goods at our internet site and compare!

Arrived at, you will definitely be pleased with the standard of our goods and also our rates.

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