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Howo trucks in the Vietnamese market

As the pioneering and leading howo dealers from the submission of howo trucks from the Vietnamese industry. Vietnam Equipment Advancement Expense Joint Stock Organization (VIMID) will be the industry innovator in the market for moderate and heavy trucks using a process of 15 branches distribute across the nation working less than 3s common with ceramic. destined to supply complete travel remedies for individuals and businesses moving products in Vietnam.


Before buying a car, choosing a reputable dump truck dealer with quality and prestige is a necessary factor. Since currently in Vietnam there are lots of merchants offering this car. You can easily discover several deals with on the net. However, to buy products you should go directly to the store to listen to consultants and see how quality is the car?

As being a reputable representative, always with the leading edge in importing and distributing all types of weighty trucks, howo trucks. VIMID, having its understanding of Chinese trucks, is definitely a leader, using the trend to give products that fit the tastes of end users both in design and merchandise quality. Increasing item high quality, after-income service high quality is obviously confirmed.

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