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Assist for reputable consultant E2 visa program.

You are invited to NVS - one of the companies with more than 15 years operating in the field of international immigration, specializing in consulting on investment activities, if you are interested in the E2 visa program. Immigration aspires to aid Vietnamese family members gain a green credit card and enjoy the education and welfare of top rated countries on earth.

Using a staff of very dedicated, trained and qualified personnel to advise and assistance customers in the most effective way.

Commitment to generally set company transparency and reputation, trustworthiness first, supplying buyers the ideal advantages.

Moreover, NVS is proud to get recommended with a staff of top legal representatives from the US, Portugal, Canada ... to assist maximum benefits for customers, providing customers with advantages. greatest benefits and interests.


Read about the E2 visa

What is the E2 visa program?

The E2 visa program, also known as the E2 visa, is actually a visa for foreign people who would like to live in the usa to develop and operate a business. The E2 Visa is a superb selection for those seeking to start a business in the US.

This really is a nonimmigrant visa that is released to residents of your treaty countries of the United States (nations that have a ongoing bilateral Maritime and Trade Deal with the us).

The problems in the E2 visa

Be a citizen of countries around the world in which america is a signatory towards the E2 Treaty

The applicant have to demonstrate that he / she is or maybe investing a significant sum in a true business in the states. The prospect has to be the buyer, the professional degree, or personal at least 50% in the business value.

The individual must demonstrate that he / she is coming into the US using the exclusive function of developing and operating the business through which they make investments.

During the time period of retaining an E2 visa, the investor's business needs to conserve a specific operation and productivity, and create revenue and jobs for native audio speakers.

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