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Plastic bags and films wholesale in the company "Polymer"

The company "Polymer" is generating polymer bags and film for more than twenty five years. The true secret to our stable accomplishment is really a staff of skilled talented managers, leaders and engineers. Constant upgrading in the number of equipment, coaching of employees, utilization of revolutionary technologies and researchresearch and development enables the company "Polymer" to be among the frontrunners of the Ukrainian market place of polymer merchandise. Top rated Ukrainian companies, European companies and also other popular brand names position orders for films and packages without and with a logo.

Present day automatic extruders are installed on the extrusion area. The company's arsenal of equipment is accompanied with a high-overall performance extrusion range for the creation of film. Through the help of our technical functionality, we have the ability to generate bundles and movies associated with a size and modification.


They are biopacks, eco packets (starchy foods), banana packages, T-tee shirt features, rubbish packages, preparing packages, logo design provides, hinged handle packs, liner bags, laundry washing luggage, dry cleaners and inns. Within the "Items" section you can get acquainted with the list of popular items amid our consumers, and also check with the director and make an order.

To achieve this, we use unprocessed supplies from popular Western and Ukrainian manufacturers. The film is generated around the latest high-technology equipment, these products get specific features with the addition of stabilizers, chemical dyes and able to degrade preservatives. Thanks to scientific and innovative approaches, our customers receive products according to their technical requirements.

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