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4 Simple Ways for Taking Care of Your Electric Bicycle Battery

Nowadays, there is a lot of transportation that can facilitate us from moving from one place to another. However, as the global warming problem is rising, people tend to prefer other environment-friendly transportation modes. An electric bicycle is one of the most influential and environment-friendly vehicles you can use as a vehicle or a sport to help you reach some places. It’s worth considering that, mini electric bicycle battery is usually lithium-ion and can store a lot of energy for frequent long trips. These batteries can remain a long time without spending on an expensive installation with proper attention and care. Here are a few tips on how to take care of your fietsaccu.

1. Keep It Fully Charged
The best approach to make sure the lithium-ion battery is healthy is to keep it charged wherever and whenever possible. This refers to recharging after a quick trip of only 1 or 2 miles. If the battery is fully discharged daily, its ability to hold a charge will undoubtedly decrease. When the battery is fully discharged, it is necessary to check it whenever possible. Hence, ensure that you always charge your fiets accu.

2. Make Sure the Battery Is Clean and Dry
Even though these batteries are built for a small amount of light rain, it usually is good to keep them clean and dry whenever possible. The actual connections around the battery should be kept dry in order to avoid oxidation or corrosion problems. It’s because it will reduce the long-term capacity and performance of the battery. It’s a great idea to check the connections regularly. At the first indication of corrosion, you can use emery stuff to ensure proper cleaning.

3. Make Sure the Battery Is in the Cool Temperature
Bicycle battery cells are less able to maintain their cost in a hot environment. This means that the battery will start to lose power more quickly in a hot climate. This has the drawback of requiring the battery to be recharged at frequent intervals. Lithium power can increase driving range many times if preserved and stored in a cold environment. Hence, ensure you stop and cool down the battery if you think the battery has been too hot.

4. Store Your Electric Bicycle Properly
If you think to leave your electric bicycle idle for several months, it is essential to store it accurately. Battery with at least 70-80% charge, which aids in reducing the potential for energy release. Try to keep your bicycle in fashionable conditions and away from direct sunlight. Also, for long-term storage, it is important to charge the battery every 5-10 weeks and You can also take your bicycle for a fietsaccu revisie after a long term storage. This way, you can have the extended battery health of your electric bicycle. Batteries degrade either way, and we all come with an expiration date, so make sure to ride your bicycle as much as possible.
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